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Guest Post: The Therapeutic Benefits of PYOP

This guest post from the Contemporary Ceramics Studio Association (CCSA) is a good discussion about some of the therapeutic possibilities of painting your own ceramics.

multi-colored ceramic dog and gnome figures painted at Stuffington's Ceramics and More
Ceramic figures painted by customers at Stuffington's Ceramics and More!

The Therapeutic Benefits of PYOP

The process of painting pottery can be a relaxing and stress-relieving activity. From start to finish, paint-your-own-pottery provides a creative outlet that is low-stakes and endlessly fun. Begin by picking outa piece, perhaps something you’ve been needing to buy for your home anyway, or something that just speaks to you. Choose your favorite colors, sketch out a design, and begin!

One great aspect of PYOP is that nearly every mistake can be undone. If you sketch something out that doesn’t look right, no need to fear! Simply smudge the graphite and begin again. It will all burn off in the kiln, so the pencil lines are only to guide you. Pro tip: don’t use the eraser, as it will make the pottery resistant to glaze. If you make a mistake painting, glazes are water soluble and can be touched up with a wet Q-tip or sponge. You can even use the back of a paintbrush or a thin tool to etch away paint and leave a crisp, white line around your design.

While some may be comforted by the many steps that can lead you to a polished piece, others may find it cathartic to simply paint with no plan. With PYOP, that works great! Choose your favorite colors, grab a brush, and do whatever feels right. No matter what, it will come out shiny and vibrant.

When creating art of any sort, your mind can shift focus away from whatever might be weighing on it, and shift your energy into simply creating. When you get in the zone, time will fly by before you notice, and your mind will clear. Designating time to focus on yourself, and to let yourself be creative, is true wellness. With PYOP, there is a tangible result in the form of a mug or a vase; every time you seethe item in your home, you’ll be reminded of your artistic capabilities, how much fun you had, etc.

Whether you have hours to spare or just one weeknight a month, we recommend carving out time for self-care and doing so with PYOP. Treat yourself to creativity, and make something that is completely under your control from start to finish.


Everyone who comes into Stuffington's comes in for their own reasons, and has their own process to create their art. We love helping everyone create their favorite things.


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