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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What if I don't finish painting my piece in one sitting?
    No problem! Please let us know that your piece is unfinished and would like to come back and finish later. Once your piece is paid for, we can help you wrap up your work, and take it home so that you can return at another day and time. We understand that creativity can not be rushed!
  • Do you charge by piece or by time?
    We charge based on piece so there are no hidden costs or fees based on the amount of time you choose to paint with us.
  • How much do your items cost?
    We have projects for all budgets, ages, and levels of experience; ranging in price from $10 - $400, plus tax.
  • What other services do you offer?
    If you didn't know, we offer classes, events, and camps for all ages, abilities and level of experiences. Please visit our events page by clicking here!
  • I have a piece from the old pottery studio that I started, but never finished. Is this something I can finish with Stuffington's?
    We understand that many of you have pieces from the studio that was in our space before us, and we are more than happy to have you finish your piece with us. We charge a small fee to cover the cost of paint, glaze, and fire; as the cost of most of these unfortunately increased since the pandemic happened.
  • Do you take special orders or requests?
    Yes we do! Please reach out to us if you have a special order or request in honor of a holiday, celebration or idea. If we don't have it in our studio at the moment, we can try and get something for you. Please contact us on social media, email, or phone if you have questions! We are always happy to help!
  • Do you allow parties or large groups?
    YES! Please visit our special events and large groups page for more information!
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